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Chicken Hatching

What really does come out of the egg?

Each year, the children of Summer Park Kindergarten are able to watch over and care for a ‘nest’ of little fluffy chicks as they hatch from their eggs.

The eggs are kept warm and dry inside an incubator in the main kinder room, biding their time to surprise the children with little fluffy wonders.

The program usually takes place just before Easter, tying in with some of our popular Easter themes and activities – and operating discussion about what actually IS inside and egg (Chocolate? Spiders? An emu?).

The children are always keen to watch the little chicks as they make their way out of the eggs. And are especially helpful when the chicks ‘need to be held’.

Chicken hatching helps us all learn about what makes a living creature, how we can care for animals, what sort of needs we all have – and how to share and negotiate taking turns to help care for a hold the chicks.

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