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We can't wait to welcome our new and returning families for another fun-filled year at our wonderful kindergarten.

Parents Info


At the beginning of each kindergarten term an online Class Helper roster is created for each group. Please choose a date (or two) that is convenient for your family and come and help with the general running of the kindergarten sessions. We ask that Helpers can commit to 2 hours of the session.


Being a helper involves the preparation of activities, joining in activities with the children and helping with some cleaning up afterwards. This is a great opportunity to see your little one and their friends in action at kindergarten! Plus you will be of valuable assistance to our teaching staff and this experience will be very much enjoyed by your child.

All Helpers are required by law to have a Working With Children check (WWC). WWC are free for volunteers.  You can complete the registration process online here. They last for up to five years, and primary schools also require them to assist in classroom/excursion help so it will be handy to have.

Duty Roster


After completing the enrolment process, successful applicants are invited to the end of year information night at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Here you can collect your Information and Enrolment Pack which contains forms that will need to be filled out and returned before kindergarten commences the following year. You will also need to sign up for your preferred orientation day/time at the AGM.

An orientation session is held at the start of the year in the first week of Term 1. Your child will choose a place to hang their bag, get their hat, meet the teachers and play with some of the children in their new kinder group.

Parents/guardians must attend the orientation session and  provide their completed Enrolment Form, copies of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation records, and any management plans (asthma, allergies, etc). You will also have a chance to have a short one-on-one discussion with the teacher and meet the other families.

In the first week or so of term, the class is divided into smaller groups and their session lengths are reduced. These shorter sessions help the children to adjust to the kindergarten routine and to become familiar with their surroundings without being overwhelmed. This staggered start also allows us to get to know your child individually, which is an important step toward developing a trusting relationship in which your child can feel safe, secure and happy.


What to Bring to KINDER

Spare Clothes

Please pack a spare pair of under wear and socks as well as a change of clothes. During the year we do a lot of messy activities and although smocks are provided, a fresh, drier outfit may be needed. Also include a warm layer that can be put on or taken off – you know what Melbourne weather can be like!

Strap on Shoes

Runners or strap on shoes are best, because the children can run and climb in them and manage them themselves.


A sunhat is provided by the kinder. If your child is playing at the park afterwards, you may wish to bring a separate sun hat.


Please supply your child with a bag that is easy for them to pack / unpack  and is big enough to hold their spare clothes, lunchboxes and water bottle. It is useful to separate snacks and lunch into different containers so they can be eaten at different times of the day.

Food & Water

Food and water to drink. Once normal sessions are underway the children will need morning and afternoon (4yo only) tea, and lunch. A healthy balance of carbohydrates (eg, sandwich or muffin) and fruits and vegetables are recommended

What to Bring to Kinder
Parent Committee

Join the Committee

Have a say in what happens at the kindergarten and join the committee. 

Parent Handbook
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