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1. Our Teachers

Our staff are provide a caring and happy environment in which children can express themselves freely and show their individuality. Our staff our all fully qualified and keen to maintain parent teacher relationships.

2. outdoor spaces

Our facilities are continually being updated to enhance your child's kindergarten experience. Our flexible indoor and outdoor spaces are adapted to the needs of the group and the weather!

3. Learning Program

Summerhill Park Kindergarten provides kindergarten programs for preschool aged children, which reflect the values of the families and local community. The programs and service are provided in a safe and stimulating environment that welcomes and relies upon input from the children and their families. 

4. Our Community

We love our community and our parents. There are so many oppurtunities for parents to be involved with the kinder. You may be able to help in the classroom, bake something for a fundraiser or demonstrate a special skill for the children.

WHy choose us?

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