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The Committee

The Committee of Management is a voluntary group of parents elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the end of the kindergarten year. The Committee is responsible for the finances and general running of the kindergarten including maintenance, social events and overseeing the education program and is a great way to meet other parents. The kindergarten needs parents to volunteer their time, energy, enthusiasm and skills to fill these important roles. No previous experience is required!

Without a Committee of Management the Kindergarten would not satisfy minimum obligations as an “incorporated association” and therefore unable to operate as a legal entity and the Kindergarten’s funding would be under threat as the Government only provides funding to legal entities.

A Committee of Management meeting is held once a month throughout the year. The monthly meeting is open to all parents from the kindergarten community and is held on the kindergarten premises. The Committee greatly values your feedback.

Committee of Management (voting roles):

There are also non-voting roles for class representatives and numerous subcommittees. These roles do not have voting rights at CoM however their expertise is counted on to help the kindergarten function smoothly.

Other working groups can be established to address specific issues as

they arise (eg policies, funding decisions, major projects).

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