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Getting Ready For School

The transition from kindergarten to school can be daunting – mostly for parents!

At Summerhill Park Kindergarten we have a strong reputation for helping children prepare for school, and helping parents understand when their children might be ready to do so.

Our four year old kinder program introduces more regular activities such as library borrowing, music and drama, and ‘show and share’ to start to simulate the variety of activities that children may find at school.

Children are encouraged to become more independent (dressing, organising lunchboxes, repacking their bags) and to take turns to listen, play and speak during scheduled activities.

Teachers hold regular interviews with parents to discuss their child’s progress, and help identify any additional support children might need as they progress through the kinder year.

Transition statements are thoughtfully prepared for each child towards the end of the 4yo kinder year to help schools and parents identify areas that will help them support a great start for children at school.

We are fortunate to be very well placed among several great local primary schools – many of which are in short walking distance from kinder.

We hope that your child’s transition to school is a happy one, and we do all we can to help you support your child as they take these next steps in their learning journey.

Tips to help your child's transition to school

Don’t worry about teaching them to read or write or count before school starts. This happens at school — so give them time to relax and play during their kinder year, and the holidays before school.
Read aloud regularly and have conversations in the car, around the dinner table — wherever! This helps progress children’s language development.
Practice independence skills: dressing themselves, going to the toilet, washing hands and other self-help skills like blowing noses and asking for help.
Allow time to practice with new schoolbags, drink bottles and lunchboxes.
Make sure your batteries are charged for your camera or phone on the first day, but don’t make too much fuss for the kids!

Finding a school (Department of Education and Training)

Starting school (Department of Education and Training)

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