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Some More about us


  • Provide a caring and happy environment in which the children can express themselves freely and show their individuality.

  • Believe each child is unique with individual qualities and needs, and we work in partnership to ensure children can develop to their full potential.

  • Believe play is essential to the lives of young children and should be fun, spontaneous, hands on, stimulating, relaxing, comforting and challenging. We believe learning should be fun and developed through a play-based program.

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with children and families to create a sense of belonging.

  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with each other, allowing a collaborative environment, supporting and learning with each other.

  • Plan, implement and reflect upon the educational program

  • Ensure regular and effective communication with families regarding their children and the program.

  • Develop programs, which invite children to become involved in a variety of experiences that challenge and stimulate their abilities and thinking. Integrated learning activities encompass the curriculum areas of language, art, dance, music, maths, science, drama and social studies.

  • Provide a learning environment that is welcoming, flexible and safe and will stimulate the curious mind.

  • Respond to spontaneous learning opportunities, include and encourage interests initiated by children.

  • Promote healthy lifestyles practices that enable children to thrive by role modelling and encouraging healthy food choices and active play

  • Ensure transitions and routines are part of the learning program

  • Are reflective in our practices where a continuous refined educational quality program is regularly evaluated.

  • Follow the Kindergarten’s Code of Conduct, which guides the priorities and practices of staff and includes standards and expectations

  • Follow and implement the Centre’s philosophy and policies.  We also follow appropriate regulations and laws. Summerhill Park Kindergarten acknowledges and references “Belonging, Being, Becoming: The Early Year Learning Framework for Australia” (DEEWR) and “The Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework” (DET)



  • Have a right to high quality early childhood education.

  • Regardless of ability should feel safe and secure, allowing them to develop a sense of own identity and a healthy positive self-esteem.

  • Should be able to make choices, explore, experiment and ask questions to develop their thinking and problem solving skills.

  • Need to be equipped with the skills of resilience, tolerance, respect, empathy and kindness to enable them to grow into capable adults.

  • Are seen as capable, competent, co-contributors and we acknowledge them as active participants in their own learning. Children have a voice and the right to be heard. Children contribute to the educational program, with their unique individual qualities.



  • We acknowledge that parents, carers and families, are and always will be the primary influence on their child. It is our responsibility to work collaboratively with families as partners, towards achieving individual goals for their children.

  • We strive to ensure that every family is welcomed and respect the diverse background of all our children and weave these backgrounds into the fabric of our kindergarten and program, ensuring that our Kindergarten is an inclusive place of belonging to all.

  • We promote a sustainable program that strengthens children’s knowledge about the natural environment.

  • Provide a physical environment where children can learn through nature, their senses within a natural play spaces and manufactured resources. We respect our natural and physical environment.

  • We believe that our philosophy will change as new insights are gained and our practice is evaluated.

  • Through our Reconciliation Action Plan, our vision is to visibly respect and acknowledge the unique connection that Aboriginal people have to the land on which our kindergarten is situated and to build genuine, respectful relationships with all children and families who attend our service.

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