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Sun Protection Steps Up

Every child enrolled at SPK receives a red sun smart hat to wear during peak UV times as part of our Sun Protection Policy.

From 1 September to the end of May each year, SPK steps up its sun protection measures in line with the policy and guided by SunSmart.

As part of this policy, we do a daily UV rating check (see the UV rating widget on the front page of this website) and make sure that hats and sunscreen are worn during peak UV times.

Parents are asked to:

Apply 4 hour SPK 30+ sunscreen to their children from 1 September, especially if coming to an afternoon session.
We will reapply as appropriate during the day.
Make sure their children are dressed appropriately to prevent sun burnbring their own hat and sunglasses to wear during kinder duty, and apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before heading outside.

We would also recommend wearing a sun hat and sunglasses when walking to and from school, especially from Term 4. Parents can also model great sun smart habits by wearing hats and applying sunscreen too.

For further information on sun smart behaviours at kinder, read our Sun Protection policy, download the family-notice-we-are-sunsmart-early-childhood.pdf  or visit the SunSmart website.

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