Our parent community is key to how SPK operates. We are run by a Committee of Management made up of a voluntary group of parents. As such we are reliant on the generosity of the parents within the kindergarten community as well as the wider local community.

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in the kinder. Whether you are able to bake biscuits for a social activity, share a special talent you have with the children such as playing a musical instrument, help with the general running of a kindergarten session, supply services as part of your professional life or join the Committee of Management, every contribution helps and is greatly appreciated.

That’s what makes our community kinder a community!

The Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is a voluntary group of parents elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the end of the kindergarten year. The Committee is responsible for the finances and general running of the kindergarten including maintenance, social events and overseeing the education program and is a great way to meet other parents. The kindergarten needs parents to volunteer their time, energy, enthusiasm and skills to fill these important roles. No previous experience is required!

Without a Committee of Management the Kindergarten would not satisfy minimum obligations as an “incorporated association” and therefore unable to operate as a legal entity and the Kindergarten’s funding would be under threat as the Government only provides funding to legal entities.

A Committee of Management meeting is held once a month throughout the year. The monthly meeting is open to all parents from the kindergarten community and is held on the kindergarten premises. The Committee greatly values your feedback.

Fundraising and social functions

The Term Fees cover the gap between government funding and the day-to-day operating cost of the kindergarten. Any capital expenditure projects such as updating and maintaining children’s play equipment and landscaping are considered separately with a view to allocating the Capital Improvement Contribution income as well as any other possible fundraising income to specific projects.

We have a Capital Improvement Contribution of $25 per family per term. This levy is included in the term fee. The levy was adopted to fairly share the burden of fundraising between the kindergarten families, guarantee a minimum funding base for each year, and reduce the level of fundraising activity and therefore the workload of the Social Subcommittee during the year.

This means that while the minor fundraising activities such as chocolate drives and selling raffle tickets etc will no longer take place. Major social events, such as the popular Easter Morning Tea, Traffic School morning and Trivia Night will still be planned at the discretion the Committee of Management.

Social functions are organised to help all families to get to know each other and build the kindergarten community. The Social Subcommittee works hard to this end and we hope everyone will support it enthusiastically.

Maintenance working bees

Over the years our kindergarten parents have been very active in maintaining our environment and improving our facilities in order to create a safe and attractive environment for our children. We encourage you to take part in this activity as it leads to a better understanding of the kindergarten and its needs. There is generally one working bee each term and the Committee of Management expects a high percentage of kindergarten families to participate. Please note there will be indoor and outdoor, large and small jobs – something for everyone!

Once a family has contributed to a working bee the Maintenance Levy of $90 will be deducted from the following term’s fees. Those families who contribute to the last working bee of the year (Term 4) will receive a refund by cheque two weeks after the completion of the working bee.

Parent duty roster

At the beginning of each kindergarten term a duty roster for each group will be placed on the notice boards in the entrance foyer. Please a date or two that are convenient for you and come and help with the general running of the kindergarten sessions. This involves the preparation of activities, joining in activities with the children and helping with the cleaning up after. This is a great opportunity to see your child in action at kindergarten and of valuable assistance to our teaching staff not to mention very much enjoyed by your child.

For 3-year-old sessions, we ask that parents stay for the whole session. 4-year-old session helpers can stay for the first three hours.

We prefer all parents to have a Working With Children check (WWC) but it is not mandatory. WWC are free for volunteers.  You can start the registration process online here through the Department of Justice and Regulation, but you will still need to take your photo in to a participating Australia Post outlet for processing.

They last for up to five years, and many primary schools also require them to assist in classroom/excursion help. So get yours now!

Kinder newsletter

Our kindergarten newsletter is published regularly throughout the year. It is the main form of communication between the Committee of Management and the kindergarten families, to keep you informed of social events and current issues affecting the kindergarten.

We love to hear from our kindergarten families. If you have a story, picture or painting to share about kinder life or family life please don’t hesitate to talk to the Newsletter Editor. Please see the SPK News for contact details.