Healthy food for happy kinder kids

A drink of water, some chopped up or whole fruit and vegetables, and a sandwich plus small treat (no chocolate bars or muesli bars please) will help your kinder child get the energy and nutrients they need to last through a busy kinder day.

We encourage parents to provide a variety of healthy choices to cover your child’s needs and likes. Make sure you pack enough carbohydrates to keep their energy up!

Snack time gives us an opportunity to talk about the different foods that are good for our bodies as well as give the children a sense of growing independence i.e. bringing their own container and water bottle.

Suitable food suggestions include:

  • cheese and crackers, small savoury muffin (cheese and bacon),
  • fruit and vegetables
  • Yogurt (please provide a spoon)
  • Sandwich (toasted with baked beans, mini pizza on a muffin – there’s more than jam and vegemite out there)
  • Sultanas, dried fruit

Please do not send chocolate covered biscuits, muesli bars, chocolate bars, lollies or food containing nuts. A small treat is fine, but a packet of smarties is not needed for kinder. Note that Summerhill Park Kindergarten encourages a no nut kindergarten (see below).

Below are some online resources for ideas on what to pack for your child’s lunch.

Reduce packaging. Where possible, do not wrap food in plastic wrap or use pre-packaged goods. These are often much higher in salt, fat and sugar and are not needed. We also encourage parents to include less packaging in lunches/snacks as part of our commitment to sustainability. We don’t want your rubbish, but our worm garden sure likes those fruit and vegie scraps (apple cores and banana skins are delicious!).

Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Please be aware that a number of children at our kindergarten suffer from serious food allergies. Your kindergarten teacher will inform you of the allergies within your group. We ask that you do not bring these foods to kindergarten.

As part of our Anaphylaxis Policy we will ensure;

  • that all children wash their hands before eating
  • there is no sharing of food during snack and lunch time
  • tables/eating spaces are cleaned before and after eating

If your child has any allergies we will ask you to provide a treat box that contains safe food that can be offered to your child as an alternative at birthday celebrations and parties etc. For more information, please refer our Anaphylaxis Policy on the policies page of this website or speak to your group teacher.